top 5 sounds

1.  The sound a burned out light bulb makes when you shake it.

2.  The sound of hillbillies saying “Cock-a-roach.”

3.  The sound of breaking porcelain.

4.  The sound of the phrase “single engine cessna.”  It is my “cellar door.”

5.  The sound an oxyacetylene torch makes when you light it with the striker.


5 responses to “top 5 sounds

  1. Laurie

    Did you get the “single engine cessna” from Tori’s “Spring Haze”? Just curious.

  2. This is the only good blog on the internet. I’m serious. If your blog is not this good, stop writing it immediately. Do I have a blog? No, Duh, because I have applied this rule to myself successfully.

  3. Actually, there is one other good blog, by the guy who made the missing cat flyers. But he seems to be trying really hard.

  4. Rob

    Just found your blog today. Don’t know who you are, Amanda, but you’re a pretty good writer with interesting ideas. Keep at it. You look kinda hot, too.

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