top 5 bands

1. Camel, the ugliest, most-ish talented prog band alive.  Concept albums!


2. Dungen, prog Swedes who make me feel the way I did when I realized that King Crimson records had the ability to burn tacky-macrame-shaped holes in my soul.  That’s a good thing.

3.  King Crimson, esp. circa ’73 John Wetton-time.  Book of Saturday, anyone?


3. Renaissance, holy jeezus.  Live at Carnegie Hall had been on my turntable since I was 12.


4. Manowar.  What can I say?  My “boyfriend” when I was thirteen decided Master of the Wind from Triumph of Steel would be our song.  I agreed because I’d already decided as much but had not run the idea by him yet.

5. Tool.  I cannot, and will never be able to, properly convey the love I have for this band.  But I won’t try anymore, now that the median age group at their concerts includes several thousand Hot Topic patrons who think Aenima is Tool’s debut album.


2 responses to “top 5 bands

  1. Laurie

    Have you ever wondered why the majority of your favorite bands feel the need to give us an exact outline of their genitalia, just in case we were wondering?

  2. nate

    tool 4 life, second to none in my list

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