a quickie for you.

Hide your calfs!  Hide your wifes!

cut your loafs in halfs with knifes!

if near pastry shelfs do rustle leafs

beware it’s either wolfs or thiefs!


one of my other things.



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4 responses to “a quickie for you.

  1. Laurie

    If this were posted by virtually anyone else, I would not be able to fight the urgent need to correct the plurals. Virtually anyone else would not know better.

  2. i constructed a whole poem around someone else’s lack of pluralization skills. i dunno who did it. i found it at one of my jobz.

  3. dj kutzu

    drink the drink that the gators made that turned and twisted into hateorade…just cuz the sun rises…drop your surmises away in the place where flowers never die and goonies either…check the temple of doom it may be in the next room where the unsure groom before not going out before the crack of noon…the spoon is twisting and turning cause you’re breaking the girl who’s just a girl in the world…

    whatever is clever but i like klever better…no kid koala is the best

    take away the curtains and what do you have?

  4. dj kutzu

    my sisters a hipster without blisters cuz she wears the shoes that look like mittens without kittens and kitchens…clean out your drawers cuz your so smitten by the idea of not thinking without mind and soul and sole cuz your heart cavity is missing the equation of equestrian proportions…split your part with the next cat because “Meow” is the stupidest line my mousy haired friend repeats to his parole officer time and time again and against the grains of sand from the sandpaper buckets that must live in the woodshops of time and space without the ropes of unthinking and undoing and unfolding to become something new and fresh cause the emptiness is teeming from the smoke and mirrors that cracked to create the rift in space…time…time continuum…doc get me back…back…back to life…back to reality…cause music is the one love that he can never let go of…you are not second but first to come after the muse called music…just music cause you will never lose it…to the back the back of the bus…oh yeah…what’s that sound but a frown turning upside down from the positivity and no negativity…your negative reinforcement is a deployment of my creativity that will never leave me…or you…keep on keeping on like kid koala said to the aspiring dj who believes in the power of music to change lives and change minds and to change frowns from upside down to inside and out…cause in the end…it is the inside that counts 1, 2, 3, 4, ,5, 6, 7…she was made in heaven but fell to earth to witness an attempt at living a life that was given to be used for the good side of the force…by the way…fuck the dark side of the force!!!!!!

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