What i do during work meetings.


pro-con list, mostly con.

Smoking patio for backstabbin'.

Why we were late for the meeting.


The plan. Balancing your budget till 1112.

He’s a venture capitalist. Is that like an oil magnate?





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2 responses to “What i do during work meetings.

  1. Beautiful!

    The only thing more boring than meetings like that is being forced to be at meetings like that.

  2. dj kutzu

    no more meetings cause the corporation is no longer incorporated….it has been eviscerated and deflated to the limp status that means no one will pay attention once more and once again like tribe called quest on award tour…listen to everyone but me and you will see the truth in your false beliefs and judgement calls…does it make you feel better to step on someone or help them and have fun at the same time…??????

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