Search Term.

I noticed that the WordPress Search Terms used to find my blog today have reached an alarming level of weird. Here are, in no particular order, the words and phrases people have typed into the WordPress Search Box in order to be delivered straight to Dissension in the Souplines:

zoo beast


snake fuck

pictures of chop shops in kentucky

beast zoo

miserable old ladies

how to clean burned pie juice in oven

“air guitar” troubadour air conditioner

ghetto fabulous habit

loser words




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8 responses to “Search Term.

  1. I like how you say “flippy hair”.

  2. i love flippy hair. i am holding out for it. can you help me find this?

  3. I have flippy hair. It gets me in trouble at work, though.

  4. Oh great! One prereq down! And I know we’ve got the cute and clever thing goin’. What about the breaking the fourth wall thing? Do you do that? Like, if we’re at Denny’s and there’s Moons Over My Hammy falling out of my mouth like I promised, will you stare into the distance at the imaginary cameraman as if to say “This is the life I have chosen”? See, I don’t ask for much!!

  5. People call me Jim at work. I hope it’s not because I am so sarcastic.
    I would never judge you for Moons Over My Hammy falling out of your mouth.

  6. Oh thank you! Maybe when you’re 80 something, instead of incorporating an X in your name, you can just go by Jimbilly. Has a cute hick ring to it. And I like how we commandeer my comments section like this. And yours too I guess. My bassist is following it. He asked how you were doing yesterday. It’s to the point where we have a presence. A sub-story if you will. Troll rules!

  7. I’m always impressed with bass players. It’s the instument no talent teenagers pick up to just “be” in a band. But really, the bass is the hardest instument to play well. I believe that is the soul of the band. Cliff Burton rules!

  8. Well damn. I was trying to look on his blog (All Of The Above) for pictures of his bass because he’s got a bunch of pics on there of us playing live but no dice. His bass is pretty. And he can play the shit out of it. Easily one of the best bassists I know.

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