Happy Halloween to Encephalitic Midgets.

Dear J Waves:

What is going on here, do you think?

Is the striped shirt dude reading bong instructions? Is the midget asking if this is the proper way to wear slip-ons? Are they new roommates, abandoning their unpacking in the background and killing time with their shared recreations? Is homeboy about to smoke dope to try and forget about the gnome’s jams-style shorts? Is the midget asking if there’s something on his face (there is, btw)? Is it just a procrastination tactic while they wait for the mothership?

Please help me. It’s driving me nuts.

Love always,


P.S.: You left all your merch (t-shirts, etc.) at the Hell show the other night. You want I should save them for you? How much do they cost? I’d like to have one. The red one, if possible. Kthxbye.


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